Monday 28 March 2016

We Are Not Serious About Fighting Terrorism

About 4 months ago, I wrote this just after the Paris attacks. Revelations from those attacks and the recent terrorist attacks from Brussels plus the fallout from the ongoing investigation of the Bruselles attacks reinforces my stance in November. I have summarised this stance as follows: 


The revelations rom the ongoing the investigations into the Brussels attacks just makes me wonder how ridiculous can you get? 

The Belgian authorities were warned about these criminals. The same conscience less people that their 16th century social policies created and they did nothing about these murderers. Leaving them to kill many innocent people in cold blood. 

I think there is a case for some of the victims' family to sue the Belgian government for accessory to murder and criminal negligence and I hope they do this successfully. This was state sponsored murder whichever way you choose to dress it up. The state wilfully allowed known criminals the right of passage, the freedom to plot their carnage, the liberty to acquire their death dealing raw materials and the breathing space infect life long sadness on innocent people. TERRIBLE CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE. 

Please don't ever tell me that a minister offered to resign for these crimes against his people. The government ought to resign and the minister and every decision maker within his ministry ought to be prosecuted for their criminal negligence on this issue. 

The absence of criminal persecutions wholeheartedly supports the fact that their decision not to action the information provided by Turkey is a deliberate policy of the government and evidences the culpability of the Belgian government.

The statement coming out of Turkey is enough to cause panic on the streets of any Western European city. Can you imagine? People arriving in Turkey with passports on the government watch list, people arriving with government black listed passports, people arriving with weapons and weaponry accessories. All heading to the Syria border on their way to join ISIS. 

Turkey thought perhaps this was a deliberate policy to get rid of Jihadists from Western Europe. Were they wrong? Hell yeah. These same people were allowed back into Western Europe. Some undetected and if detected issued with new passports and allowed to get on their bike or thrown into prison to fraternise with fellow prisoners and hopefully turn the prison into a finishing school for future Jihadists and fundamentalists. 

Of course, our human rights legislation prevents the government for declaring these traitors stateless and deporting them to Fuckthemistan or airlifting them to some fundamentalists republic where they can be subjected to the full effect of Sharia Law. 

Our own laws prevent us from keeping them in solitary confinement for the length of their prison sentence or for the rest of their miserable lives but the same laws allows us to keep them with other prisoners who we potentially can rehabilitate and who are not looking to blow all of us to smithereens. 

I hope our leaders can get their acts together and hopefully allow our archaic laws catch up with the realities of 2016 and beyond. 

It is totally unbelievable that a citizen who wages war against his / her country can't lose their citizenship.  Deport them to the nearest stateless people's camp or make them a ward of the United Nations. 

People who deliberately try to deny others their fundamental human rights do not deserve the protection of human rights legislation. 

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