Thursday 3 March 2016


So the poor run of form continued. 3 games lost in all competition. 2 in the title race. Depressing. Soul destroying. Gutting. According to knowledgeable people though, the last time this happened was 5 years+ ago. Not exactly consistent with the ‘this is what they always do’ agenda is it?

I was dazed after the final whistle, couldn’t sleep although I was very apprehensive before the match and extremely nervous. I remember this same Swansea last year; I could swear the Gomis goal did not go in. Goal line technology thought differently. They went away with 3 points. A game I dare say we dominated and were looking to mount something of a faint title challenge.

Track back to December 2013, I was at the Emirates Stadium to watch Michu put two past Arsenal. I fell out of love with Carl Jenkinson that day and swore he will never make it at the top level because of what I saw during the match.  

Two seasons ago, we were in fine form and hoping to win the league and the same team came to The Emirates, scored two and grabbed a draw.

Our hopes have floundered many times at the Liberty Stadium the home of Swansea. Unfortunately the nature of football is such that it has its own superstitions, some teams are forever classed as bogey teams and so it is proving to be with Swansea and Arsenal.  Taking in isolation, I wont be as upset but if you consider our form and the result at Old Trafford, it is very disturbing.

Am I surprised they beat us – Yes. Am I disappointed and upset – Yes. But what gets me is the Arsenal fans who are now in free flow and in uncontrollable melt down. Please take a look at the title of this piece – ANY TWO YEAR OLD CAN THROW A TANTRUM.  So you are upset? What next?

Please tell me what exactly are you upset about? Wenger? Your team not winning a match? Your team throwing away the championship? That some fans still support the manager? What exactly are you throwing your toys out of the pram for? Do you yourself know? Have you looked in the mirror?

If you are certain the Arsenal team hasn’t changed, that the inadequacies remain. What has changed? Your expectations?  Your wish for the team? The one you imposed on the team? For me, my objective for Arsenal after the locust years is for us to be competitive and to challenge for the title every season and be in with a strong chance till the last day. If we were to achieve that this season, I will think it an okay season. Yes there have been lots of missed opportunities, the early losses at places like West Brom, the draws at places like Norwich and yes it will be tougher next season but if you predicted Chelsea or Leicester’s form this season, I will worship you for the remainder of my days.  Nobody knows what will happen next season. Yes make hay while sun shines but life itself is not 1+ 1.

I have heard from many friends who are upset about Wenger’s ‘jam tomorrow illusions’. The claim is that Wenger has been selling this line for 10 years and we are not buying anymore. At what time did you decide not to buy Wenger’s illusions? Start of this season? Now? When exactly? Why have you been willing - on a team to win the championship, a team you are 100% certain can never do it, led by a manager that will never win the championship. I struggle to see why. Have you looked into the mirror and thought perhaps I am the problem. “I KNOW THEY CAN’T DO IT, BUT I AM UPSET THEY ARE PROVING ME RIGHT” Yeah, sounds like my 2 year old.

I have seen many comments and read many articles about the team lacking the character, lacking the leaders, lacking the footballing abilities, lacking the mental strength to win the championship and I despair at these people. Are these things true of Man City, Chelsea, Man United, Real Madrid players and squad?  Why are they not doing it this year? Football is not linear. The best team does not always win and the worst team does not always lose.

What is the way forward? I don’t know. I am hopeful as long as it is mathematically possible that we can win the league. It is still a long way away before this hope is snatched away. In the interim, I will cling to my hope.

I side with the manager’s comments about setting aside talk of winning the league. Let us quickly learn how to win matches and earn points again. Lets hope this mental strength and character we lack is a virus because I think it is. For my money, I will bet on the Arsenal squad having a bit more of all the requirements (character, leaders, football abilities, mental strength) than Spuds & Leicester.

To those who want a change of manager, I will say hold fire till the end of the season. Now is not the time. Yes the fans got behind the players massively yesterday. Even in extra time, fans were very much on side. Yes there were boos after the match ended. I dare say that was understandable although I won’t do it. That run of poor result has to stop and the team & the club still needs the fans onside and that team and club includes Wenger for now.  So I am supportive, I am onside and I hope to will the team on.

Cheekily, I ask again, if you think Arsenal & Arsene cannot do it and they somehow manage to do it. Can you really look in the mirror and celebrate?

On to the little matter of the NLD. It pains me to admit that I think the Spuds are the favorites. Of course they don’t bottle things only Arsenal do. Faced with the opportunity to top the league and break a long held club record of number of wins on the bounce, they choke. (Cockerels of the strangled type). No Arsenal is the big story. What do I want from Saturday – A WIN. Can we? Yes definitely. We did it already this season in the Capital One Cup. Can we do it again? I hope so.

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