Sunday 18 February 2018

Arsenal Football Club – Don’t let the Bellerin Oxford Union Speech Go To Waste

I don’t like AFTV.

I wrote a blog about my dislike for what they do a year ago. You can find my article here

My views are unchanged. They have been reinforced by the publication of Hector Bellerin’s comments at his Oxford Union lecture.  There is a lot to like about Hector. Articulate young man. Following his passion in addition to his professional career as a footballer. Came to England at age 16, even speaks English with a cockney accent when he wants. What is there not to like.

I was looking forward to Mesut Ozil reeling the cannons out at his appearance in the same venue on Tuesday February 20, 2018. Sadly this has now been cancelled. The organizers claim this is due to reasons beyond their control. I suspect Ozil has decided to cancel due to the storm over Hector’s comments. I was quite looking forward to Ozil going harder at the so-called legends who in my opinion are worse than AFTV morons.

Anyway, I hope Hector’s comments are representative of the squad. We already know what Arsene Wenger thinks of idiots. We’ve seen the Club’s Chief photographer’s tweet too.

I am happy that Hector’s comments have riled the AFTV lot. To be fair to them and with the exception of the big moron DT and the laughable Leegunner, they have coordinated their replies and it is on message. ‘Hector has a right to his opinion but we disagree yada yada’.

What a joke AFTV. Thanks for giving Hector the right to his opinion.

None of the AFTV responses has however addressed the key issue Hector raised on AFTV amongst the over a dozen other subjects he talked about. The central issue is:


Robbie and AFTV believe it is their right to profit from Arsenal’s failure on the pitch. If this failure was natural, maybe you might excuse them but these guys actively try to create a negative vibe around the club, the players and amongst fans. They spearhead meaningless protests, wish the manager dead and then profit from the poor results brought about by their action and have the nerve to say that they don’t control which videos go viral. They know which videos have gone viral and do everything to replicate the conditions. 

Because Robbie, DT, Claude, Leegunner’s collective IQ is lower than that of a tuna sandwich, they assume they are talking to their fan club whose IQ is non existent.

While I am certain nobody begrudges the next fellow their daily bread and a little extra, we all object to that fellow making a mug of us and earning their crust at our expense.

The excuse that spending their money gives them the right to be dickheads is off & rotten. You want an example of passion & commitment and spending money; see what our fans in Belarus went through to attend the Osterstunds match. They don’t slag the club

The AFTV lot only profit when things are negative. So they make everything negative

We win games – NEGATIVE. The other team was shit

We draw games – NEGATIVE. We were shit

Referee shits on Arsenal – NEGATIVE. That’s an excuse.

Arsenal wins three FA Cups and three Community Shields in four years – NEGATIVE. They are shit trophies nobody wants.

I remember when we drew with Middleborough last season to go back to the Top of the League. Guess what the imbecilic DT said – “STOP SINGING WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE YOU FOOLS”

That is what it is all about. NEGATIVES. Fake rant to generate YouTube views. And how much does 100k of views get you? Apparently £60. That is what these collection of Judas sell out their club for.

They are making Arsenal laughing stocks for the sake of maybe £600 for a million YouTube views.  How much of a low life do you have to be? Attempt to destroy what millions enjoy because of £600 every week.

AFTV on the other hand makes extra especially with the advertising from Sun newspaper and Ladbrokes. And this is where the Arsenal commercial department should be targeting.

I understand Arsenal Football Club does not want to be seen as a Goliath trampling down on a mickey mouse fan group. However Arsenal should be looking beyond the reputation risk here.

These AFTV guys are making money using Arsenal’s name. I can bet the club has retained many intellectual property agents around the globe to ensure only duly licensed parties are allowed to use the Arsenal name for commercial purposes.

Why is it different with AFTV?

AFTV are making money using the Arsenal name / brand

AFTV are actively working to undermine the results Arsenal gets on the pitch

AFTV are creating a rowdy situation after matches and there have been a few bust ups

AFTV are actively encouraging abuse of players

Arsenal should ask them to either stop using the name of the club and its properties anywhere or ask them to open their book and take whatever percentage of the income the club normally takes with any commercial partner. This money should then be donated to The Arsenal Foundation / Arsenal in the Community to avoid any David / Goliath backlash.

AFTV as it is, is only benefitting Robbie, the collection of regular rubbish talking heads and opposing fans. Let The Arsenal Foundation and the projects the fans genuinely care about benefit too.   
I am glad fans are working them out. Poll results after poll results show that are useless to the fan base.  While not quite Nazi Germany & Hitler, anybody who continually toes the ‘AFTV is just fun and harmless’ is an enabler. All those in the ‘Robbie is such a nice guy’ club are enablers.

Nice guys don’t try to damage something they love. Nice guys don’t give platform to those wishing our manager dead.