Sunday 29 April 2018

The Most Hated Man in British Football. Hated by Fools, Idiots & Mindless Robots Who Regurgitate Nuisance Spewed by Expired & So Called Legends

I think very highly of Arsene Wenger. I didn’t want him to leave Arsenal until he was ready to retire. Sadly that has not happened. Arsenal and the club have announced his goodbye effective at the end of this season. I wish Arsene well in all his future endeavors. I hope the Chairman of a huge European club will appoint him as Manager so the idiots who think his wages at Arsenal is a big deal can collectively choke on their hatred. 

After we lost to Brighton away, all the messages coming out of the club appeared to indicate Wenger had had enough. I wrote this article then. Nothing has happened since I wrote the article to change my mind. 

I am glad Wenger has decided to leave as many of us right thinking people believe he will do if he felt it was time. 

I am glad that my assertion that Arsene Wenger was ready to walk away last summer is now accepted following recent comments by BBC Reporter David Ornstein. I believe David gets all his briefing from sources close to the club’s CEO.

There is nothing I can add to the millions of accolades heaped on Wenger. His stature as a colossus of the game will endure forever. 

The announcement of his departure has also unearthed a lot of hypocritical vermin masquerading as humans. People like Ian Wright, Lee Dixon, Kevin Cambpell, Martin Keown and Thierry Henry. These so called legends are worse than snakes and will hopefully get their comeuppance in life. You can choose to recognize their worthy contributions to Arsenal as players and still recognize their disgraceful and reprehensible behavior as humans. All for the sole reason that Arsene did not allow them turn Arsenal into a circus and refused to switch on the gravy tap. 

This is why 'these lot' hate Wenger. 

They have nothing going on in their life. Ian Wright has lost almost all of his memorabilia from his football playing days because his wife couldn’t pay storage fees. I have seen storage fees advertised for a £1. 

I am glad none of the rumors of imminent managerial appointments include Thierry Henry. We have heard Patrick Vieira and Mikel Arteta get mentions but it looks like Thierry Henry will be permanently confined to the fringes. He deserves worse. A man who went around all our opponents teaching them stuff prior to our games with them, pumping up their confidence to take on Arsenal, encouraging Alexis Sanchez to leave. Yet his countrymen like Lacazette, Aubameyang and Koscielny are all at Arsenal and not for once did he think he should come and do the same for them.  

To all those who believe they have succeeded in getting Wenger to leave, I wish you well. You might think you’ve achieved something but trust me, this is hollow. This is empty. It took you over 5 years to achieve your aim. I hope you will be man enough to own your decision in future. There is a no returns policy on the choices you have made. Enjoy it and revel in it. 

Why you hate a man whose life mission was to bring joy is beyond me. A man who has won silverware 6 times in the last 5 years. Every single one of them enjoyable to millions of Arsenal fans worldwide.  Yes there have been days of sadness but the joy has been more than the pain. 

I know we live in a different world where the majority of the people are self obsessed, entitled and are easily led by negativity but the venom against Wenger is unprecedented. 

Many including so-called legends and public broadcasters who are obliged to be balanced are so invested in supporting the agenda that he was sacked. So what does that do for you if he was sacked? How does it add to your bank balance or emotional well-being?

Many don’t want the team to do well especially in the Europa League because of Wenger but these lemmings genuinely believe they are Arsenal supporters. How absolutely untrue that is. 

Many use his salary as a weapon to clobber him whereas he is earning half of what Mourinho and Guardiola are earning and does more work than either of those two. The fact that he is now likely to double his earnings elsewhere will not make these haters pause.

Many hatefully blame him for everything that has gone wrong in the past even when a discerning person can see Arsene has always been collegiate in his approach and will front up for decisions taking by others without betraying any confidence. The time has come when Arsene no longer has to defend anybody. The Board, the Chief Executive, the Chairman and Owner will now have to answer for their decisions. 

Many are patiently waiting to blame Wenger for any mishaps next season and forever. Any misfortune will be blamed on Wenger. 

But guess what, Wenger’s place is secured. People like Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, Kevin Campbell, Lee Dixon and Martin Keown will never impact the amount of lives Wenger has impacted positively. These snakes will be a little footnote in the history of Arsenal while there will be a huge chapter on Arsene. 

As for the ordinary fan like me, don’t join the Wenger haters’ bandwagon. If you cant see what Wenger has done, please be patient. In a few months time, you will see the good things Wenger did for Arsenal Football Club.