Sunday 13 March 2016


So I decided to go to the Emirates at the last minute. Watch a match that I expected us to win. I took some visiting dignitaries to the stadium and I hope with my actions to stick two fingers at the boycotters. 

I sat at the North Bank and I must tell you the atmosphere was frigid. I was at the North End Upper and the people who sat next to me looked like your conventional old school fans and not the tourists that are so derided. They were as lively as dead fishes these ones. 

Fortunately, someone a few rows ahead of me tried to rouse the fans. I joined in enthusiastically with the obligatory "Ultimately his attempts and my attempts were without success. I made sure I joined in at every opportunity to the irritation of the guys either side of me. 

As I said earlier, I expected us to win. I was happy with our patient build up play as the opponents  set up their 2 banks of 4. Watford’s ambitions in my opinion was summed up by the fact that their goal keeper got a yellow card for time wasting in the first half. 

I was worried about Odion Ighalo as he looked very lively and up for it. I know his form has been ropey for a while and he was due a break at some point. I was hoping it wasn’t against us. But knowing Arsenal, it had to be. It was a nothing goal. As for the second goal in my opinion, it was a superb shot that I expected some intervention from Ospina but it was not to be. 

At 1 nil, I was certain and had the belief we could do it. At 2 nil it turned to hope and as the minutes ticked down, my hope started to ebb but never really petered out. I was hoping at the very minimum that we will force a replay. We had the chances to do that but it was never to be. 

We lost and we are out of the FA Cup. Catching up on a bit of post on social media and noticed all the comments that we will never score (WE DID) and how Arsenal always collapses (obviously it takes a Brain Surgeon like Ben Carson to understand this comment. I HAVE PICTURES OF VISITS TO WEMBLEY IN THE PREVIOUS 2 SEASONS and I am sorry these are not photo shopped pictures). So I don't understand the "we always collapse comment" sorry. 

Just outside the stadium, I spoke to an elderly gentleman who had been watching Arsenal since 1948. He was sad but was positive about the future of the club with or without Wenger. His attitude is quite unlike the IKEA & PRIMARK generation whose first reaction is Wenger Out. Yes it might be time for a change of club but calm your titties down. The time for change is the close season. If you are angling for a change now, your values are clearly at variance with that of the club. For me, Wenger finishes the season. Sits down with the board and decide what next. 

Is it possible for Wenger to remain if a majority of Arsenal stadium going fans turn against him? I'm not sure it is. But there was no banner today, there was no Wenger out and I didn't hear any boos. But the time to discuss a change is not now. This is the time to get behind your team, 

Yes we lost. Its one match. Irrespective of what you say. It was only one match. And it was only one match in a competition you said was unimportant when Monsieur Wenger won it back to back. So what is the hair pulling and collective gnashing of teeth about? It wasn’t important you said. So have the decency to be consistent and stop the shilly - shallying.

Yes we have lost 3 matches at home on the bounce. We always do this every season don’t we seeing as Arsenal are always consistent in these things. NOPE YOU ARE WRONG. The last time this happened was 2012. So please pep me with this "WE ALWAYS DO THIS EVERY SEASON" 

And to all those who think supporting your club is unnecessary, please clap for yourself. You are a great fan but have you considered supporting another club or changing to WATCH ONLY MODE (WOM). After all, you can't rouse the team and the idea of the 12th man is a myth.  But you want to enjoy trophies but you are not willing to put in the effort required of a fan. Great.

The next one is at the Camp Nou. I hope to write from there in midweek. In my delirium, I can see us defeating Barcelona. More unusual things have happened. And if you call yourself an Arsenal fan and are looking forward to your team losing, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you should be supporting another club side. 

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