Sunday 1 March 2015

The Rozanne Duncan Comments - was it really wrong?

I haven't watched the Rozanne Duncan documentary where she claimed to have a problem with negores and people with negroid features. I have however read a lot about it. I am aware she was on LBC radio station and declined the offer to meet a black person. Now matter how disgusted you feel about her person or comments, there is  a suggestion she has deeper issues perhaps repressed from her childhood and I sympathise with her.

Due to the accident of genetics, I am one of those people she has a problem with. However I do not have a problem with her comments. I believe in free speech including the right to be obnoxious. I consider her a fascinating subject of research. What I have a problem with is the hypocrisy manifested by the 'we are upset' brigade.  The same people who hate others for any reason, criminals, abusers of any kind, liars etc.

Why is Rozanne's supposed crimes any less than yours? She was bold enough to express her feelings and despite all the bile and hatred directed at her, she hasn't tried to retract them or gloss them over with some PR crafted no sense defence.

In my opinion, I do not see any form of malice in her comments. She is not about to kill, perjure or abuse a black person. She just doesn't like them. The same way a lady can say "I don't like short ugly fat men and I have no desire to meet any". Is that really a crime? An unforgivable sin? Yes you might consider such a person shallow but eh. Why is it that the skin colour issues turns the reaction into a frenzied situation?

For me the biggest issue is that Rozanne is a Councillor. Does she represent any Black person in her constituency? What is her history in dealing with these constituents if any? Are the electorate in her constituency happy with her?

With the kind of view she has expressed, I will suggest that public life is not for Rozanne Duncan in an increasingly diverse and multicultural British society. However as a private citizen, I will defend her right to forever have a problem with whoever she chooses. And the law of the land is on her side as there are no crimes for disliking people of any skin colour.

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