Saturday 7 March 2015

I know Paul Scholes. He can't be that daft

The first I knew of Paul Scholes' (hereinafter referred to as Piss Speak) comments were Arsene Wenger's measured and matured response in his news conference where he simply said he (referring to the person who used to be a very good player but a hopeless pundit) would love to play with Mesut Ozil. CLASS. PURE CLASS. For me that was it. END OF.

Although to be fair, Piss Speak had infuriated me on Wednesday night when he went on about how he knew Johnny Evans and the latter will never spit at someone. What infantile drivel. You don't even know yourself, talk less of knowing someone else or vouching for them in all instances.

I detected a tone of xenophobia in Piss Speak's comments that night. It brought the shameful memories of respected pundits like Gary Lineker refusing to call Wayne Rooney out for diving. Its always Johnny Foreigner's fault. or Johnny Blackman's. I hope all the foreigners and people of colour who look up to Piss Speak can really see through the vacuous human that he is and the disguised prejudice that can never be tackled as the practitioners are too smooth.

Unfortunately, I stumbled on Piss Speak's said Evening Standard article this morning and I have already tweeted my disgust at his poor excuse at proffering what he considers informed opinion.

It is obvious PS does not believe in the 'stop digging' admonition. You were wrong on Wednesday night bro. You are wrong now and you will be wrong forever on this issue. You don't know Johnny Evans 100%. You can't even know yourself 100% talk less of knowing another person. Please tell me. Did you know Ryan Giggs well too? Did you know he was shagging his sister in law's wife? I'm sure you can vouch that Ryan will never spit at anybody too. eh.

I am glad that the FA have now found Evans guilty. I am disappointed that they did not add to his ban for denying what was so blatantly obvious to everybody but Piss Speak and his ilk. I am of the opinion that the instigator should always get more of a ban than the person who retaliates.

I will admonish Piss Speak to invest in some mirrors so he can take a good look at himself and be disgusted. As a player he had and still has a very good reputation. From memory, I am of the impression he was never far away from a red card but that should not detract from the fine player he was.  Also, he was known for avoiding the media circus.

However, as a pundit especially in the period before the World Cup, this individual is unrecognisable. He is going from one extreme to the other. Where is the real Paul Scholes. Abducted by aliens?

He was quite happy to keep his gob shut perhaps because he knew he had nothing rational or sensible to say. But now, in a desire perhaps to court readership, he is going for controversy with both barrels. Does he have bills to pay that we don't know about? Gambling debts? Is he jealous of Adrian Durham and wants to become the biggest knob of punditry?

This man who shame 'facedly' embraced the job of Manchester United deputy manager a few months ago. He had a young family and other personal commitments then.  But he now has the bollocks to claim that he can't take his life long dream job of managing Oldham because of his young family.  Hiding behind his family. Is that what they call a little girls blouse. Make up your mind Piss Speak, you never wanted to be a manager you said but you jumped at the United job but won't now take the Oldham job.

I can guess you have probably sussed out how easy it is to sit at the sidelines and throw brick backs at people who have the balls to throw their hat into the ring. You now realise how much hard work is required to be a proper manager. Not one parachuted in to one of the best managerial jobs in the world because of his reputation as a player. You bottled that one.  DINT YA

 Now to your main article. Your very pathetic attempt to disparage Mesut Ozil. The stats men have proved your lies about Ozil wrong. Would you now accept you were wrong?Would you hell? No you won't. "you don't care how many ground he covers" you say. Inept punditry if you ask me. Someone supposedly knowledgeable who doesn't care that a player raaan araaand. YOU COULDN'T MAKE II UP. COULD YOU.

You talk about Arsenal leaders and couldn't find space in your spite filled article for Thierry Henry. Really? Seriously Piss Speak. Were you in the pub crying into your Lime Cordial when you wrote your article?

So yes like Paul Scholes knows Johnny Evans. I know Scholes too. I can vouch that he can't be as daft as the writer of that infantile article. His ghost writer has done him a huge disservice here.

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