Sunday 29 March 2015

Crazed GermanWings Pilot & Other Crazy People Out There

Terribly sad the news of the murder of 150 people by the crazy German Wings Pilot Lutbitz. 

What pains and saddens me is that I know that there is no Hell Fire which will allow this murderous vermin escape punishment. He has killed the dreams of 150 families and the aspirations of many others (friends, future relationships, lifesaving acts that any of the people he single handedly murdered in cold blood could have rendered in the future)

The mad man had a choice to die alone. Although not his prerogative as he didn't give himself life. I doubt if any of us will begrudge him the right to kill himself. After all he was only a pilot. A job that many will kill for. He was also only young, something many middle aged people will wish to be. He was lucky with a beautiful woman who considered him desirable enough to be the father of her unborn child. No this wasn't enough for the deranged & demented tool. He had to go and kill other people because killing himself didn't appeal much to him. 

What pains me a lot as I write this is that if anybody had murdered this low life the day before he committed his heinous crime, that person will now be in jail awaiting trial for murder. Why? Surely he is a nailed on candidate for Enemy of Humanity and in pole position to be burnt at the stake or for piece by piece dismemberment. 

What pains me even more with people like this thing masquerading as a human and others of his ilk like the animal who killed the school teacher Ann Maguire in Birmingham in 2014 or the lunatic girl who stabbed a random shopper to death in Bexleyheath in 2011 is the fact that someone knew what they were capable of. They told people / hinted at what they wanted to do. 

People in the medical profession and his girlfriend knew what Lutbitz was capable of doing. He wanted to go down in a blaze of glory. They did not consider it important to alert his employer. I am sorry, they have a responsibility in the death of those 150 people. I don't care what the ethos of the medical profession are and I don't care about what binds you to your boyfriend or the father of your child, if you know he has the capability to kill 150 people by virtue of his profession, you rat him out. SIMPLE.

This lunatic was flying almost 600 people at least on a daily basis, he was training to fly a bigger plane that will enable him fly more people and some people knew he was an unsteady bomb close to detonation and said nothing. This is a big shame and I hope all the people who could have done something about his deeds suffer for their actions. 

Similarly with the killer of Ann Maguire. He told one of his class mates he was going to stab his teacher and that one thought he was joking. Unfortunately  a wonderful mother and family member has been lost because someone kept quiet. Invariably and unfortunately I believe that the class mate who kept quiet has a share of the blame in the murder of their school teacher. 

The Bexleyheath female killer knew she was ill and voluntarily checked herself into a mental health institution. But no, the bean counters masquerading as medical practitioners weren't having it. They rejected her and she promptly went and murdered someone. A total stranger going about her own daily routine. In  my opinion, the people who refused her admission into the mental health hospital are equally as guilty for the crime she committed. 

I get that people joke about some things and we can't legislate for every event but in light of the German Wings crash, I will suggest we err on the side of caution and if someone tells you he is going to murder another person and if this person has the capability to do it or do it in an abominable fashion like the German Wings pilot, please report the person. You might be saving lives. 

Back to the unhinged and disturbed mass killer of a pilot, how do we punish someone who commits such a heinous crime? Clearly he wanted to do something spectacular. I think we owe it to his victims and future victims of people like him that they never get their wish. Similarly for terrorists too. DENY THEN THE OXYGEN OF PUBLICITY. 

By all means, let the family know what happened to their loved ones, let them know why you are not going 'full on' in the media with the story. If the family want to turn the murder of their relatives into a circus, it is their prerogative. Make sure that unstable mass murderers like this pilot never get their dying wish.

People like Lutbitz should know before they die, that their properties, pension, life insurance and other assets will be confiscated by the states following their heinous act. Doctors should be aware they risk their professional qualifications and fitness to practice and a criminal prosecution if they inadvertently or deliberately forget to notify the relevant authorities about the risk their patients pose to the public. 

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  1. Yes, Baba Grumpy. Ordinarily, the pilot should be buried ignominiously and anonymously. But the need to know full details including his personality and medical history, to work against future occurrences, unfortunately means that he will gain the notoriety he wanted. Nice piece though, passionately argued. May the souls of those who died rest in peace and their families and friends find comfort