Sunday 19 November 2017

Arsenal: Two Tottenham: 'Pressured'

Almost a year ago, I wrote this about the 184th London Derby.

Aside from the fact that yesterday’s match against the Auld Enemy ended in a win for the Arsenal, almost everything happened the same way as last season.

  • Arsenal Players very much up for it. Totally outplayed Tottenham

  • Arsenal fans were very much up for it. Our fans made the Emirates hostile for the pretentious Middlesex lads

  • Arsene laying the grounds for this match too by calling out the referees, with his team selection and tactics.

A couple / few things were different though

  • The Tottenham boys were perhaps a bit overconfident with all the trash the media had written in their favour. So they left their rotational fouling game in Middlesex. They brought their Diving A game though. The Emirates pitch wasn’t conducive for Perfect 10 diving as Captain Kosc and his boys made it tough. 

  • And. Arsenal WON. Did I say that before? Sorry forgive me while I gloat. WE WON. We blew up the Media and the Pundit’s HOUSE OF STRAW leaving the Spuds huffing, puffing and chasing shadows.

Something else made a difference in the match. It was something Arsene did.

Over the last fortnight especially following the disastrous officiating at The Emptyhad, Arsene has been relentless in focusing on poor officiating.

The mainstream media, the WOBs & their acolytes didn’t want to know. A pretend Arsenal fan actually wanted the FA to ban Wenger. It is amazing that a former Arsenal player defends this poor excuse of a human. Can’t get proper legends anyway.

There are a few notable exceptions to this disgraceful behavior by certain so - called legends though:

  • Dennis Bergkamp. Always has & always will be the embodiment of class & respect
  • David Seaman – he gets it. Arsene has earned the right. Let him be. Let him manage.
  • Lauren – always positive
  • So are Gilberto and the Great Kanu too.
  • Honourable mentions to Johan Djourou and Emmanuel Eboue   

On a related tangent, how can you be considered a legend when all you try to do is destroy the confidence of your old club’s players?

Are Martin Keown, Kevin Cambpell & Ian Wright that broke that they will say anything against Arsenal for a few crumbs?

Anyways back to the North London derby.

Arsene focusing on poor officiating ensured that Mike Dean was put on notice for the match. “WE ARE WATCHING YOU” was the message.

Responsible and reasonable Arsenal fans played their part too. Since Mike Dean was announced as the Centre Man for the match, there have been lots of stats and videos dissecting his refereeing performance. Some of these stats are shocking and clearly deserving of investigation by Parliament since the media, the FA and Premier League are in cahoots with the PGMOL and won’t do anything about the revelations.

Mike Dean’s penalty decisions’ stats is further evidence of corruption in this sport we love so much. I am interested in seeing the same sets of stats across all the Premier League referees.   

Any government worth its salt will be all over this issue like a rash because essentially the common man who desires to watch his team play a fair football match is being fleeced repeatedly by a cartel of Premier League Officials who are only interested in selling a fairy tale to the world, the FA who are happy to take a share of this filthy lucre and the PGMOL and its officials who like bandits will do anything to ensure they get sprinkled with some of the ‘readies’ flowing within the game.

I am happy Arsene’ strategy worked yesterday.  Without the focus on the referee, Mike Dean would have awarded all of the 50/50s to his buddies at Tottenham. We would have been left ruing what could have been. Those lowlifes who are not fit to lace Arsene Wenger’s brogue shoes would have been saying tosh about his managerial ability.

We cannot rely on this type of intervention every week. The system needs to work better. Preferably with the use of technology. Other leagues are now using it or planning to. There is absolutely no reason why The Premier League & The FA should not be using VAR / more technology from next season. They should end the charade and stop gaming football.

On final note, the result of the derby was delightful. With one well-placed header and a vicious head shattering shot, Arsene silenced the following:

·      1)  The Media (They have been especially livid and clutching at Tea Cups. In case you are not up to date, please see this link ) Arsene made them rip apart all their doom laden pre written articles

·      2) Pundits (The MOTD presenters were very meek yesterday)

·      3) Pochetti – NO Trophies  (borrowed from @Stillberto) The best manager in the whole world not to have won a single trophy.  As per @Reuenewal Mauricio is the homeless man chasing a 4 bed house in Kensington while yabbing those who live in Council flats.  

·      4) Tottenham fans (sighting of these lot on Social Media has been very rare over the last 24 hours)

·     5) Hungry Arsenal Legends

     6) WOBs (till the next rumour about Arsenal is circulated. Maybe at some point before the next Arsene Wenger press conference on Wednesday)

     7) The brainless bots who have been predicting an Arsenal loss for the last two weeks

·    8) The Doubters

I hope Arsenal & Arsene puts a permanent gob stopper on them.

Now on to the next one. Bring on Cologne. Hope the cup players who will normally play and those who didn’t get a game in the derby all travel and put in a decent performance.

As far as I am concerned, any 11 put out by Arsene Wenger is the best 11 Arsenal has got to offer for that match. Any tactics or non- tactics deployed by Arsene Wenger for any match is the best tactics for the match.

As true fans, It is not our place to question the selection or tactics. It is our place to support. When we as fans are up for it, we can often make a big difference.

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