Sunday 17 July 2016


Jose Mourinho is off to a flying start at United. He has won his first pre – season game against Wigan. Woo hoo.

He has recruited 3 of his key targets and he is ready to break the bank to recruit the 4th with possibly more to come. I think Manchester United are to be commended in doing those 3 deals early. They have been ballsy and money has been no object. Are the signed players world class players who can make a difference? The jury is definitely out and all observers will start to see how the new recruits adapt to the self - styled most competitive league in the world.

As part of his first press conference, The ‘Mouthy One’ showed that he’s learnt nothing from his last bruising at Chelsea. Apart from self-styling himself as The ‘Mouthy One’, he laid claim to every footballing success going. The man is a winner, many of his supporters and admirers say. I think they are right. If there was a competition in delusional lying Jose will win it hands down. Clearly his record on youth is a touchy subject as this article suggests.

Also his feeble attempt at defending his youth record clearly shows that criticism of that record has rattled him enough to come up with a fictional list of 49 youth players he has helped developed. Read this article for an assessment of the players Jose might have been referring to and make up your mind about what I believe is fiction. He is a chequebook manager in my honest opinion.

 Not surprisingly Jose didn’t hand over his own list, as it was fictitious. According to this article, after the event, United then handed over a list with 55 names that included Arjen Effing Robben. God in heavens. I’m still searching for a picture of Arjen Robben in the Chelsea academy. 

Not only has the number of players increased from 49 to 55 it included Arjen Robben FFS. I am wondering whether the United Press Officer has added the names of Rashford, Fosu - Mensah, Lingard, Borthwick – Jackson, Martial & Varela to the list. Can't put these things pass Jose you know.
For me and as per a previous article I wrote in September 2015, the man is simply a cowardHe didn’t even have the courage to show the list of names he prepared and brought to a press conference. Some winner, lacking in bottle and conviction.

I noticed that Sir Alex Ferguson is aiming to keep him on a short leash. A bit like when the local police officer let’s the newly arrived troublemaker know that “MY EYES ARE ON YOU”.  

Sir Alex has said the following to him “WE BELIEVE IN YOUTH HERE AT MANCHESTER UNITED” Please check this link for a report on Sir Alex's comments. 

I am so looking forward to the dust up between Sir Alex & Jose especially when the latter’s token gesture towards youth isn’t delivering the promised ‘winning mentality’.  Mr. Jose will then proceed to ‘do anything’ to win. And that 'anything' as we have seen in numerous examples over the years includes briefing against Sir Alex and the hierarchy at Manchester United.

I think everybody including Manchester United fans agree the signing of Jose will end in tears. It has always ended in tears wherever Jose goes and it will not be different this time around. What they are hoping for and paying good money for is that euphoric pleasure between the ‘boy meets girl’ stage and the ‘you lied to me’ phase. I suspect United might get the big trophies they crave in the next 2 season (although this is not my wish) but in season 3 it will fall apart and while some will be pleased at the big trophies he delivered in the intervening years and will be determined to justify the gain while Jose takes a wrecking ball to what is left of the fabric of Manchester United. Fans of this once great club should pray that Jose takes Ed Woodward down with him as Eddy Boy of Essex is the biggest problem the club faces. He is a bit like Georgy Boy of Bullingdon thrashing the fabric of a once Great Britain while some praise his audacious management. 

Can’t wait for the season to start

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