Wednesday 30 August 2017

Mayweather Vs. McGregor – MORE FOOL ALL OF YOU

I was tempted to write a pre – match article on the Mayweather v McGregor fight but life intervened and I couldn't.  Not that I know a lot about boxing but seeing as this was the most talked about event on planet earth aside from the mismatch that is Trump v Kim Wrong Un, I thought I should dabble a bit. 

By the way the Mayweather v McGregor fight was a mismatch too.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand what is fascinating in us watching other humans knock lumps out of each other. I guess some get their kick from this type of thing. But I always have my heart in my mouth at the amount of punches these people exchange in the ring. It gets worse when you read about fatalities amongst boxers and permanent damage to any part of the boxer's body or mind.

I am not against people earning lots of money but the total purse Mayweather & McGregor were fighting for appears somewhat obscene. $400m can change a lot in today’s unfair & awful world. But eh, they didn’t force people to give them the money.

The purse is somewhat linked to the title of this article as many belly ached way before the match that it was a scam. Many of this belly ‘achers’ ended up promoting the fight by their moaning complaints, stayed up late to watch the match & talked ceaselessly post match. In all of these you contributed to the scam. You helped the advertisers and the betting companies get a decent return on their money by making the event the most talked about on planet earth.

For those who said Mayweather v McGregor was a circus act at the very beginning and shouldn’t have been staged, I ask you to come into the real world. Please leave your ancient civilization and come into ours.

People have become millionaires from reality TV. I believe the Kardashians are collectively close to their first billion off the back of a very graphic video. People become rich & famous from changing their birth gender so why should we not be allowed the privilege of watching the Mayweather v McGregor circus act? 

In today’s world, we love to push boundaries, we love to break taboos. The ordinary no longer moves the many. A proper / normal boxing fight is now for the pure boxing enthusiasts. That is a limited market if you are a major advertiser. As a global brand, you want a bigger market. So why not combine nosy parkers, curiosity shoppers, adrenaline junkies, money miss roads and circus enthusiasts into one place, shave their heads with the biggest circus show on planet earth and make lots of money? 

I don’t blame Mayweather & McGregor. I think many of us will gladly get into a lion’s den for $100m as long as we can come out with some of our limbs in place and non-permanent brain damage. I blame all those who made the fight possible especially Joe Public including those who watched on dodgy streams. You helped the advertisers with eyeballs.

I was looking forward to McGregor getting his 'arse' properly whooped. I can’t stand the loudmouth.  Unfortunately that pretend boxing legend Mayweather isn’t the man to administer the ass whopping.

Yes. I said it. May weather is a pretend legend. A fake. I will forever remain surprised and amazed that this buffoon dare  compare himself to Muhammed Ali. If any boxer ever did this, you know they are beyond redemption. 

With many boxers, the effect of being punched in the face over a long period is manifested by physical injury. The effect on Mayweather is manifested via irrational behaviour as seen in many of the videos that have been circulating post this mismatch. 

For all those patting McGregor on the back for going 8 rounds and putting up a decent outing. MORE FOOL YOU I say. You don’t pay a man $100m for a decent outing. Maybe if he was paid £100 per round and he performed as he did against Mayweather, I might be tempted to join in the ‘He Tried’ chorus but after collecting $100m, I am sorry. He is a fraud and should be shamed to return his purse. You don’t receive $100m for effort.  OR You should never receive $100m for effort.

So where do we go from here world. A few friends have suggested the following match up:

Messi v Ronaldo in the boxing ring. Lets settle the billions of twitter fights once and for all. The purse should be in excess of $1b per fighter. Winner takes all. Hopefully I get a decent percentage of the purse for sharing this innovative idea.

To that suggestion, I will add McGregor v Jose Mourinho. Both are loud motor mouths but only Jose will be allowed to use his mouth. The younger man can engage MMA style only. I hope McGregor will be a able to last the distance in this match up and doesn’t do too much damage to Jose’s mouth & the source of his silly comments.

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