Monday 21 August 2017

Arsenal: Who Let The Sheeply Zombies Out

With 10 minutes to go at The Emirates at the start of the current Premier League Season,  I could only imagine the meltdown on Arsenal social media. Thankfully Ramsey & Giroud saved Arsenal’s blushes and ensured we didn’t start with a defeat.

Reading a few comments on Social Media after the Leicester match, I came to the conclusion that the only way Arsenal can avoid the negativity this season is to win all the remaining 37 matches. Nothing else will do even the win will only placate a few of the Sheeply Zombies and not the many.

On to Stoke. Coming so soon after we tonked them last season, I thought the 3 points away at Stoke were very much within reach. Sadly it wasn’t to be. It is tough playing 11 v 11 let alone 11 v 14. Arsenal played against 11 Stoke players and the 3 match officials.

As far as I can see, we did everything, even scored a legitimate goal but the over eager linesman whose motive remains unknown but very suspicious flagged off the Lacazette goal.

At the very minimum, I hope this is the type of refereeing decision that results in  the PGMOL dropping the official permanently from refereeing future elite games. I am however not holding my breath that the PGMOL are neutral arbiters. We know their antecedents.

The loss is sad. Put down a marker by winning your first 2 games, good mood all around before the trip to Anfield and a chance to defeat Liverpool. It didn’t happen.

What is sadder still is Arsenal twitter / social media. No sense of collective disgust and hurt that we have been robbed again. No objective review of the match itself, no constructive criticisms of the manager and the players. Led by the media, led by the pundits, led by the wolves on Arsenal Fan TV & so called uber Bloggers, it  has became open season on Arsene.

“Oh he played this one out of position” Oh he played that one out of position”. This is something Arsene has been doing since Adam was created. And he has got his invincible golden premier league medal to show for it. Yes many moons ago. But he has also done it a few weeks ago. Make that a few days ago. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. GET OVER IT

“Oh Arsene is past it, look at Pep, look at Jose, look at Conte, look at Pochettino” Pochettino has now been in the same league with Arsene for 4 years or thereabout and in that time, Arsene has won 3 decent trophies and 3 Shields while Pochettino has won zilch. He has not even been invited to participate in the Community Shield.

Pep, Pochettino & Klopp won the square root of nada last season but yet Arsene is the one that is ‘past it’.  Yes Pep is new in the league but what is Pochettino and Klopp’s excuse? In 4 Head to Head encounters, Arsene has bested Conte 3 times. But yet, Arsene is past it and Pochettino is the best manager since FIFA17 came out.

I am tired of writing the same things every time and I wonder how come the moaners and sheeply zombies are not tired of saying the same old tripe time and time and again.

Following the events of last season, the club has pleaded that a positive atmosphere is important to success, the club has not promised an unbeaten run, the club has promised effort and determination on the part of the players, so far, the club has delivered in 3 matches. Are we going to deliver? Are we going to be the genuine 12th man who kept faith with 8 minutes to go at The Emirates when we played Leicester? Or are going to spend the whole season yelling abuse at the club and Arsene?

If you are one of those saying same old same old, you are very wrong. Yes we lost a match we could have won but we are 2 points ahead of last season. Yes it might all evaporate by this time next week but why not think it might also get better.? Why are you only prepared to highlight the negative?

For one last time, if Arsenal is all your life such that the only thing you do is rave and rant on social media after every loss, GET ANOTHER LIFE.  Get a different hobby. Football might not be for you. Football games have 3 outcomes and you will have to get one of those outcomes.

In case you missed it, Arsene has just signed a new contract. He is here for at least 2 more seasons. Arsenal, Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger, those shit players you deride, the club jersey you abuse, the high ticket prices you moan about are all part of Arsenal. You can’t love one part and ignore the other. That is self-deceit.

Sadly you are entitled to your shit opinion but can you try and keep it to yourself. You have tried to force Arsene out through abuse, through those deluded ‘grovey’ blogs, through those wanking protests, through the silly banner fly-pasts, through sending abuse to club sponsors, directors, owners, shareholders and other legends in support of Arsene and YOU FAILED WOEFULLY.

You naively assumed that finishing out of Top 4 meant Arsene will be gone. YOU GOT YOUR SUMS WRONG.

What next? Are you going to try and get the team relegated to make your point?

My suggestion once again is to give it a rest. Watch the football and take the result for what it is. Saturday at Stoke was largely on the match officials. No more lame knee jerkers on Social Media.

STOP BEING A SHEEPLY ZOMBIE and follower of individuals who are making money at your expense of YouTube videos.

To the thousands of positive and supportive fans. Keep at it. Lets review where are by Week 10. The U23s are playing tonight, you can watch Super Jack Wilshere for the super expensive price of £4!!!! and it looks like it will be a sell out based on the amount of ticket the club has released.

That is proper support.

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  1. You know why you have to write the same things over and ovet, Baba Grumpy? Because your team does the same wimpish things over and over, season in, season out. Oh, blame the referee. What about looking at 77.3% possession and 520 more passes than the opponents yet just 2 more shots on target? How about that only five teams in the history of the Premiership have ever won a game with lower possession than Stoke had? How about admitting for once that something is BROKEN in the technique of the manager? Perhaps then and only then would you not have to write the same things over and over