Sunday 7 February 2016

Weary of moaning & groaning Arsenal fans

As we prepare to play Bournemouth in the next 90 minutes, just thought I will use this opportunity to publish my thoughts and say that "I AM TIRED OF MOANING & GROANING ARSENAL FANS". 

You believe that Arsenal will never win the league with Wenger. Yet you are disappointed that they are doing exactly as you believe. Are you a mug or something. That's exactly what you expected no. 

You never tire of complaining about Wenger buying cheap and you are convinced that cheap will never work but yet you turn around and trumpet Leicester FC for buying cheap. Is this logical? 

You claim that Wenger is wrong for not spending any money during the last two transfer windows but you wont allow anybody point out the fact that those who spent big money have achieved nothing this season. 

You give Klopp benefit of the doubt at Liverpool because the squad is not his own but give him all the praise when the team wins. Yet Arsenal wins are in spite of Wenger. 

You are over the moon about Klopp's passion on the touchline and want him to manage Arsenal because of this passion. However you forget that this passion hasn't stopped Liverpool from been pants this season. 

You believed everything Gary Neville said about Wenger & Arsenal but now that Gary Neville cannot implement all of the things he said on TV,  you are quiet.

You believed everything Piers Morgan says because he has 5 million twitter followers. Do you also believe the thrash  he has tweeted in the past, like saying Harry Redneck, Gary Monk etc should manage Arsenal and Christopher Samba should be a priority signing for Arsenal. 

You claim Arsenal will never win a trophy under Wenger again but now that the term has won 2 FA cups, you claim the FA cup is nothing. 

Do we understand what it means to be a football fan?  The Free Dictionary defines a fan as an Ardent Devotee, an Enthusiast. Dig a deep deeper and you find the following:

ARDENT - Very enthusiastic, passionate, burning, glowing. 

DEVOTEE - A strong believer, very interested and enthusiastic about something

Please let me know what you are as an Arsenal fan. Can we use any of the descriptions above for you? 

Let me ask a question for the moaners & groaners 


Please make up your mind. Are you a fan or an admirer. Are you committed or are you a fence sitter doing just enough to be identified with the team while casting every aspersion going in the direction of your club and the manager. 

I hope you have a conscience. I hope this is not some sick banter on your part. 

My advice, put up or shut up. Support your team whole heartedly. If you don't understand my grammar, look up definition of fan in a dictionary. 

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