Tuesday 20 January 2015

Professional Angry Brigade / Obsessive Social Media Warriors

Two days late with last week's very short blog. Life and laziness unfortunately. I actually started writing on Friday but couldn't complete last week's blog until tonight.

Two weeks ago, Gordon Taylor almost became the latest victim of the professional angry brigade when he committed sacrilege by even mentioning the Hillsborough Tragedy in the same sentence as Ched Evans. How terribly uncaring and ignorant of him not to realise the similarity between the Hillsborough tragedy and the Holocaust.

In my opinion, Gordon Taylor made a perfectly rational comment and used the fact that almost 20 years down the line and despite the lies from the Police, our opinion of what happened that day has changed, we are more sympathetic to the victims and their family and less trustful of the law enforcement establishment. SIMPLE

Gordon's sin was not to realise that using Hillsborough as an example is now up there with Holocaust denial. Good on him, he was quick to shut the issue down, he apologised for the hurt feelings and made the same point again. Well done to Gordon. The issue is now forgotten as the obsessive social media warriors have moved on to another victim.

A vocal majority amongst the angry brigade wanted Gordon Taylor sacked. Let that sink in. They wanted him sacked for defending his employer. For doing his job. Where do these people come from? What gives the professional angry brigade the front?

Perhaps, people with common sense are not easily outraged and are too rational to employ the same tactics as the angry brigade. As the African saying goes 'empty barrels make the loudest noise'. Personally If I had the time, every single occasion the angry brigade go off on a tangent and start their crusade against something that is frankly none of their business, if I will start my own petition countering their stance.

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