Monday 18 December 2017

Why Arsenal Fans Should Never Be Allowed To Run Arsenal Football Club

Of course its never going to happen not with the garbage you see many post on the internet.

But just imagine. If Arsenal fans were running the club, the following Managers would have managed Arsenal in the last 10 years:

·      Owen Coyle

·      Sam Allardyce

·      Tony Pulis

·      Gary Monk

·     Jurgen Klopp – the one who almost relegated Dortmund is even better than the Liverpool version that has won sweet FA

·     Jose Mourinho – the one that has spent £600m so Man U can play like a very expensive Tony Pulis side

·     Ronald Koeman

·     Slaven Bilic

·     Thomas Tuchel

·     David Moyes

·     Harry Redknapp

     Mauricio Pochettino – the one that is only good at putting pressure. The self styled Council Bedsit tenant who scoffs at a modest townhouse

·    GuarDOUGHola – the one who only goes to clubs where they can outspend their rivals

And if you are not impressed with that managerial shortlist. You have to be with the player version.

Left to some know it all fans. These fans that have a solution to every one of life’s problems. The following players will now be playing for Arsenal:

·    Messi, Neymar & every other super star going – according to some of these pretend fans as I like to call them, Arsenal can buy any player they want. Kroenke has more money than Croesus and there is a money-printing machine in Arsenal’s boardroom

·     Christopher Samba

·     Winston Reid

·     Christian Benteke

·     Ali Habsi

·     Scott Parker

·     Super Mario Ballotelli

In case you think the above is made up, please read this article and be aware that there are many Arsenal fans who actually buy into the views of the (non) person that is the subject of the article 

Again if these self styled super fans have their way, the current squad will be decimated.

·  Aaron Ramsey would have been binned instead of scoring the goals that won Arsenal 2 FA Cups (that important trophy when Man U win it)

·  Giroud would have been escorted off the premises instead of being the proud winner of the 2017 Puskas Goal Award, joining the 100 goals club at Arsenal and surpassing Eric Cantona’s goal records

·   Theo Walcott would have had his Arsenal contract revoked despite having a goals to minutes’ ratio that is up there with the very best in the game and closing in on the all time appearance record under Arsene Wenger

·   Nacho Monreal would have been surreptiously returned to Spain in embarrassment despite his versatility and several record-breaking performance in several roles for the Arsenal Team

·   Hector Bellerin will now be a sailor learning to cross the Atlantic if only Arsenal & Arsene had listened to Arsenal fans after Hector’s performance at Dortmund

·   Arsenal would have had to demand a refund from Real Madrid for Ozil because the Arsenal fans are unhappy that a super creator like Ozil is not patrolling the length and width of the pitch, clattering everybody & eye gouging anybody who stands in his way like a cojoneless Troy Deeney

· Sanchez would now be the President of N5, although at this moment, many will be up in arms and actively seeking to impeach him.

You get the picture.

It has come to the stage where Arsenal, Arsene, the boys winning is not enough. Our opponents are always shite when we win.

Many disgruntled fans made it clear last season that even if Wenger won the League, they still want him gone. Unreasonable in my opinion.

Winning the league is the only thing that matters. On that score Guardiola should have been fired last season. He had enough opportunity to change all the right backs and left backs. He chose not to. He had unlimited money to spend. He had considerable time to prepare for his first season. He didn’t. All of a sudden now, he is a genius. With all the noise about GuarDOUGHola you will think he can switch his genius button off and on as he pleases. 

Same with Jose Mourinho. He ought to be condemned to the dustbin of history. He had all the time to prepare for a title challenge at United. He came 6th. He took Man U backwards. A team that missed Top 4 by whiskers. After spending almost a billion in the last few years, United are on course again to have another limp performance in this year’s league.

My suggestion to the fans that think they have the solution to all of the  world’s problems let alone that of the Arsenal is: GET A GRIP!

·  Arsene or someone who reports to him reads the health report of the players. Arsene knows when that player is at his optimum. Please confirm you have read such reports before moaning about substitutions or the starting 11

·  Arsene and the rest of the coaching crew see different combinations of players in defence, midfield and attack in training every day. You only see it for 90 minutes or less and you want everybody to take your word that certain combinations work better than the manager’s choice. Pfffft

· Arsene, Gazidis, Law etc. have significant experience in player transfers, contract negotiations etc. but you that can’t make head or tail out of your mobile phone contract is sounding off on social media, jumping up and down and directing Arsenal on what to do. Unbelievable

Like my previous advice on pundits who know nothing and don’t have the humility to let people know that they are bereft of ideas on certain issues,

Give the ‘KNOW IT ALLs’ a wide berth. They are frauds


  1. Thank you god!!!At least someone with common sense is writing articles now and hitting the nail on the head.