Sunday 19 July 2015

Robin Van Persie - A Betrayal of Judas Iscariotic proportions

Arsenal fans have received lots of stick for the negative emotions displayed towards Robin Van Persie AKA Judas. The Iscariot version. The one of the 30 pieces of rusting silver fame.

He was with Arsenal for about 8 years and gave excellent service on the pitch for 18 months. Lucky git was paid for the 8 yeas though. He was the Diaby before the About Diary. His body part came with its own Ikea flatpack furniture.

Apart from his injury records, there were rumours of misdemeanours in the dressing room - bad mouthing a team mate to  journalists and apparently ensuring Emmanuel Adebayor was kicked out of Arsenal.

I dare say that I speak for Arsenal fans that his manner of leaving was galling. Team captain calling the ambition, structure and vision of the club into question publicly. If Liverpool fans think the Sterling situation was nauseating, just cast your mind back to the Van Persie one. Its from the same copy book but EVEN WORSE. He ensured he damaged his relationship with Arsenal to the extent that the club had no option but to let him go.

Fortunately for him, he was so instrumental to Manchester United winning the Premier League in his first season and Van Persie's only title in England. To be honest, I found some of his comments after the transfer to Manchester United noxious. "The little boy in him', 'Daddy Alex Ferguson', the hugs with Fergie. FFS, you've only just met the man for one minute and he is your daddy already. Also he celebrated scoring against Arsenal after calling Adebayor classless for doing the same thing. The man was a walking contradiction.

Unfortunately for Van Persie, Sir Alex Ferguson retired. People like Rio Ferdinand are on record as to how Sir Alex's retirement upset Van Persie. My conclusion is that the big man used him. Pure and simple. He needed him to go out in a blaze of glory, got what he wanted and buggered off.

Van Persie's upset feelings carried on into the new season. From the comments he made in public, he clearly didn't get along with his new Foster Daddy (David Moyes). Also according to briefings that appear to be coming from Old Trafford & Carrington, Van Persie started saving himself for the World Cup with stories of phantom injuries and indefinite recuperation period. He went to the World Cup under Van Gaal and had a somewhat successful tournament.

Both Van Gaal and Van Persie returned to Old Trafford at the beginning of last season, with the Van Persie family helping the Van Gaals to settle in Manchester. The first disappointment appears to be Van Gaal's decision to hand over the captain's arm band to Wayne Rooney. Subsequently and in line with Van Persie's recent interview, the handwriting on the wall became clearer. Van Gaal effectively wanted him out. Another betrayal of the little boy. Used by family Van Gaal to settle in Manchester & OT and dumped again. I  suspect Van Gaal knew all the tricks Van Persie used to keep himself fit for Holland before the World Cup and found these unacceptable now that he is the Manager at OT, hence his brutal decision to ask Van Persie to run along.

Now he is in Turkey, a great cultural designation and a fantastic holiday destination. Many United fans have commented on how much they cherish Van Persie's contribution to their 20th title win. Some Arsenal fans are perhaps willing to forgive with his recent comments highlighting his continued relationship with Arsene Wenger. Good for him.

Personally, I doubt I will ever be able to forgive a leader of men, who deserted and embarrassed his men to help their erstwhile opponent claim the ultimate annual prize. What intrigues me more is what does Van Persie think of all these? Is he happy with his ONE title? When he retires in another 4 or 5 years and reflects on his career, factors the league win and the betrayals (of Arsenal, Fergie and Van Gaal betraying him, his betrayal of Man United before the Word Cup) will he be happy? Will he think he made the right decision leaving Arsenal and joining Manchester United?

My gut willing is that he will not. Considering the fact that Mr Van Gaal issued him an exit visa  and his recent comments in the media, I doubt he has fond memories of Old Trafford for now. If the situation remains unchanged in the future and if neither of the fans of the two clubs he played for in England have fond memories of him and recognise him as a true fan favourite and legend of their club. I can bet he will be unhappier still.

If he had stayed at Arsenal that season, would we have won the league title, maybe yes. It is now accepted wisdom that Van Persie's goals in the 2012/13 season would have won any of the top 4 teams the title. His 26 goals could potentially have given Arsenal 98 goals in total and the title. Manchester United won the league with 86 goals. Also what if Arsenal win the 2015 / 16 league? Van Persie could have been leading the current Arsenal side well into his middle 30s.

As an individual with family, looking to better his life and that of his wife & kids, I wish him well. As a footballer, that betrayer of Arsenal and Arsene's patience with him, I say "YOU ARE A JUDAS". I hope that little child in you enjoys the latrine pit of football you have signed up for. F£*@ OFF &%+!

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