Sunday 21 June 2015


Big mon Rio Ferdy was on twitter recently giving it large about Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane's proposed transfer fee. He said the fee is overpriced. 

Helloooo. Pot meet Kettle. I genuinely hope Rio hasn't been spending too much time with Pot????

I think it helps when people who are supposedly knowledgeable about something put in a bit of effort before making a public ass of themselves. And by the way, in case you didn't already figure that out, I'm not a Manchester United fan. Not a Rio Ferdinand fan either. I have nothing against the man.  I am just of the opinion that his mental age might not correspond with his actual age.   

How can Rio of all people talk about over priced players? How for God's sake? Is this what they call hubris? £18m from West Ham to Leeds. Rio your £18m in 2001 is worth up to £30m today (Please see here for the calculations) This was a Rio Ferdinand / player who like Sterling and Kane that had won nothing. And had all of 3 appearances at the Intertoto Cup - a pretend Europa Cup competition. 

Less than two years later, this same bruv went from Leeds to Manchester United for £30m. Good Lord. His transfer fee had almost doubled in 24 months. Unbelievable. I suspect at this stage of his life, he struggled with his ability to read the news. Or maybe it was because there is no Social Media and Rio couldn't read all the hoopla about his overpriced transfer from a desperate club in Leeds to a money miss road club like Manchester United. Guess what Rio's £30m is equal to today. £48m+ (from the same website as above. See here ) Sort of similar to the £50m been bandied around for Sterling and Kane eh. 

Both players are internationals. In Sterling's case, an established international. A veteran of one World Cup, a senior player for Liverpool FC and experienced Champions League and Europa cup player. What part of the £50m valuation for Sterling & Kane is overpriced? Mate.  

In his time, Rio was more expensive than comparable foreign talent. Just to place things in perspective, in the same year he transferred from West Ham to Leeds, Rio was worth 3X Robert Pires . Nuff said. 

And when he left Leeds for United for £30m, Gilberto Silva was bought by Arsenal for £4.5m. So with Rio's transfer fee you could have bought 6 Gilberto Silvas and still had enough money to buy a £3m rated player with the balance. Rio @ £30m? What a waste of money. Give me 6 Gilberto Silvas anytime and anyday. I hope Rio understands overpriced now. Glad to help with the overpricing education. 

Rio, please get with the times. Forwards / strikers sell for more. So that's a possible factor in Sterling & Kane's proposed transfer fee. Don't think Madrid & Barcelona have paid 100m euros for any defender just yet but Madrid paid same for Bale. 

Also have you heard of something called 'THE MARKET'?  Once a willing seller and a willing buyer strike a deal. That is the market price. That is the value of the product / player. Any other comment is froth. No questions. No overprice. Geddit. 

In Rio's time, having English players was a something clubs / managers wanted to do. Bulldog spirit, physicality perhaps generally tend to be more loyal etc. Today, the regulations of the EPL makes it mandatory. If you understand that, you will expect to see that reflected in the price. FAM. 

Also Rio referred to the price paid for Sanchez and Aguero. Sanchez was last year, Aguero was a few years ago. Does he understand inflation? or the inflationary effect of the new EPL money deal. Don't think so. 

Has he factored in the fact that Liverpool FC are upset and are deliberately driving a hard bargain because of this and because they know the buyer has deep pockets? Don't think he has.

So ma men Rio, please DO NOT USE YESTERDAY'S formula to judge the realities of today. Stop behaving like a grandad as well. In grandad's days, "everything was better". Dude, Get with the program (music ). We live in different times : - )

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